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Western red cedar shingles can give your home’s roof a rustic and charming appearance, and provided they’re installed by a qualified shingle roofing company, they should remain intact for decades with little-required maintenance. Thanks to their durability, shingle roof systems are ideal for residential properties, canopies and even wall cladding. Plus, because they can add a significant sum to your home’s value, wooden shingle roof tiles are a high-value investment.

Here at Sydney Roofing Company, we opened the doors to our roofing company to provide businesses and residents with superb-quality roofing materials and an unparalleled level of service. We pride ourselves on our competitive prices, fast turnaround times, excellent warranties and ability to undertake any home roofing task. Call us today to obtain a free quote or to learn more about the benefits of cedar shingles and shakes.

Your Local Shingle Roof Specialist in Sydney

All our roofers are trained to the highest quality and safety standards, capable or constructing roofs for new properties and restoring old roofs to their former condition. We source all our timber shingles from a leading Canadian provider because we settle for nothing but the very best for our customers. In addition to shingles, our roofing options include:

  • Slate tiles
  • Copper and zinc
  • Lead
  • Solar panels

Whether you want to give your home a traditional and timeless appearance or a contemporary style, we have a roofing material that won’t fail to disappoint. Learn more about our broad range of roofing options by getting in touch with our expert roof designers.

High-Quality and Attractive Red Cedar Roofing Shingles

Our western red cedar shingles are perfect for giving your home a natural appearance, and they’re ideal for those looking for a low-maintenance roofing option. Due to their superb resistance to decay, shingles are just as suitable for wall cladding as they are for roofs, and you can trust our qualified tradesmen for either installation. Whether you’re trying to sell your home or just make it a more attractive and comfortable place to live, red cedar shingles may be the perfect solution.

The Benefits of Installing Roof Shingles in Sydney

In addition to their undeniably stylish appearance, shingles are an excellent roofing material because:

  • Durability

As mentioned above – provided your roof shingles are installed correctly by our professional roofers, they should survive for decades with minimal-required maintenance.

  • Resistance to Storms

You might assume that wooden shingles would fade and wear during severe storms, but that’s not the case. Our quality shingles put up stiff resistance to even the harshest of weather conditions, from heavy rain to blazing heat.

  • Energy Efficiency

Wooden shingles add an extra layer of effective insulation to your home, reducing your carbon footprint and energy usage in the process. Thanks to the saving you’ll make on your home’s running costs, red cedar shingles are extremely high-value.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Shingle Roof Tiles

Even though roof shingles almost guarantee to remain intact and attractive for years, problems are bound to arise sooner or later. Here are a few signs that you require roof repairs:

  • Leaks in your attic, identifiable by signs of discolouration on your walls and ceilings
  • Curling or cupping shingles
  • Split cedar shakes and shingles
  • Signs of rot, algae or mould growth
  • Missing shingles

Call a Leading Shingle Roofing Company in Sydney

Whether you need a shingle roof service for a roof restoration or a new roof construction, there’s no better team to call than Sydney Roofing Company. Contact us on 0415 449 328 to book a home survey, discuss your requirements and obtain a free quote.


roof shingle sydney

roof shingle sydney