Lead Flashing and Roofing in Sydney

To make sure your roof is fully waterproof, it’s crucial to install roofing flashings around any openings that could allow water to penetrate. Flashings are used to seal areas such as chimneys, sky lights and vent pipes, and lead has been a popular flashing material for centuries thanks to its aesthetic appeal and durability. In fact, you can find lead flashing that has remained intact for over 200 years on many heritage buildings, making it a superb choice for both domestic and commercial properties.

Here at Sydney Roofing Company, we’re a team of highly experienced and fully qualified Sydney lead roofing contractors that can undertake any task regardless of how large or demanding. All our UK-qualified lead roofers can fabricate, dress and weld lead flashing for all types of buildings, and we cover our work with 15-year warranties for your peace of mind. The next time you need a lead roofing specialist in Sydney, we’re the company to call.

The Benefits of Lead Roof Flashing

Provided you choose a Sydney lead roofing company that guarantees a flawless installation, lead linings and flashings could help protect your property from the elements for more than a century with minimal-required maintenance. Furthermore, because we can fabricate lead sheets to suit any purpose, we can install flashing in hard-to-reach places, tight configurations, around gutters and more, ensuring your roof remains 100% watertight.

In addition to its durability and aesthetic appeal, lead is an exceptional roofing material because:

  • Lead is 100% recyclable, and most modern lead flashings have been manufactured using recycled materials. Believe it or not, lead has the lowest carbon footprint of all hard metals.
  • Lead can improve the appearance of both modern and heritage buildings.
  • Lead flashings can be installed on any roof including stone, slate and tile roofs. Call us to learn more about combined roofing.

We specialise in the installation, repair and replacement of lead flashings and linings, making us your go-to company for any task related to lead work in Sydney.

Our Range of Lead Roofing Services

In addition to fabricating and installing lead flashings for roof openings, we offer lead fabrication for purposes including:

  • Flat and pitched roofing
  • Ridge capping
  • Parapet wall capping
  • Valleys
  • Vertical cladding
  • Box lead gutters

Above is a far from exhaustive list of our capabilities – contact our roofers to discuss your needs, and we’ll gladly let you know how we can help.

A Reliable Lead Roof Replacement Service

Roof restoration is one of our specialities, so if you think there’s a problem with your roof or lead flashing, don’t hesitate to book a home survey at a time that suits you. We can install and repair all types of roofs, including slate, shingles, and copper and zinc. Plus, as one of the leading teams of lead roofers in Sydney, you can trust us to restore your heritage building to its former condition and appearance.

Signs You Need Repairs for Your Lead Roofing in Sydney

Even though lead linings and flashings can remain intact for decades with virtually zero maintenance, they may eventually experience problems that require professional attention. If you notice any of the following warning signs, we recommend calling our roofers for a survey without delay:

  • Leaks in the attic
  • Damp patches on your ceilings or walls
  • Damaged shingles or tiles
  • Open seams in the flashing

Contact the Leading Lead Roofing Services in Sydney Today

At Sydney Roofing Company, we guarantee fast turnaround times, flawless installations and high-quality materials. Discuss your requirements with one of our expert roofers and obtain a free quote by calling us on 0415 449 328.


lead flashing and roofing

lead flashing and roofing

lead flashing and roofing